Disobedient Wearables 2018-06-15T12:56:19+02:00


Disobedient Wearables is a critical project, led by Design Friction, exploring the unexpected crossovers between wearable technologies and social issues.

Disobedient Wearables questions how these connected objects strapped to our bodies can disobey to…
… the goal it has been designed for.
… the users’ needs and expectations.
… the structures of power having produced, supplied or exploited it.

The project is a three-piece exploration:

A triptych of three speculative and critical wearables, highlighting uncanny impacts of wearable technologies on our everyday life.

A toolkit, to help imagining a new set of disobedient wearables.

A public workshop, to raise awareness on the possible misuses and abuses of wearables in intricate social contexts.